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This information is for doing DIY, repaneling, and/or repairs on MOTM systems. It's not comprehensive, everyone has preferences, but lists the common/major/most-wanted parts in the MOTM format, and/or what sort of things will work.

Front panels

Detail of a MOTM panel mounting.


MOTM panels use U, the 19-inch rack unit for height and width. The height is 5U (8.75"), while the widths are in multiples of 1U (1.75"), with some fraction less to allow for manufacturing tolerances. The finish is baked-on two part Polane paint,[1] giving it a crinkly look, and with labeling and scales in screen printed epoxy-ink.[2]

Blank panels

6061 aluminum alloy, T3 or T6 temper, is easy to come by, can be easily worked. Thickness usually ranges between 1.5 mm (0.62") and 2.5 mm (0.12") but see what is standard for the format, e.g. a thickness of 2.28 mm (0.09") for 4U.[3][4]

Blank panels can be purchased from:

Project panels

Panels for specific projects (CGS, I. Fritz, etc.) can be purchased from:

Custom panels

Custom panels can be manufactured by:

Panels components

Avoid cheap parts, especially if mechanical. Invest in quality, you always get what you pay for. Otherwise your entire system might later develop intermittent faults.[5]


MOTM uses ALCO PKES90B1/4 knobs, available at:


MOTM uses Spectrol 149 pots, available at:


NKK toggle switches with bat handles are the closest fit.[6]

  • SPDT: NKK M2102ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8646)
  • SPDT center off: NKK M2103ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8647)
  • DPDT: NKK M2022ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8652)
  • DPDT center off: NKK M2023ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8653)


MOTM uses Switchcraft 112A 1/4" jacks.


MOTM uses 5 mm flat-lens LEDs.

  • Red: Lumex SSI-LXH387ID (DigiKey: 67-1155-ND)
  • Green: Lumex SSI-LXH387GD (DigiKey: 67-1156-ND)
  • Yellow: Lumex SSI-LXH387YD (DigiKey: 67-1157-ND)

PCB/Panel mounting

PCB mounting

Most MOTM PCBs are about 4.5" by 5.5".[7] These are generally mounted perpendicular to the panel with stooge brackets affixed by the pots or jacks, available at:

Internal connectors

Do not mix dissimilar metal terminals and headers. The contact resistance will go up with dissimilar metals, causing all sorts of problems.[8]


MOTM modules and power distribution boards are connected using 4-pin MTA Connector-156 connectors and 18 awg wire.[9] Systems by Encore Electronics use 4 pin 0.156" Molex KK connector connectors, while those from Oakley Sound Systems use either MTA or Molex KK 0.156" connectors.

Pin Voltage
1 +15
4 -15


Oakley Sound Systems designs use either MTA-100 or Molex KK 0.1" for board interconnects.[10]

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