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Novarm DipTrace is proprietary EDA (electronic design automation) software for editing circuit schematics, PCB layouts, component libraries and 3D viewing. First released in 2004, it is available for Windows and via Wine for Linux and OS X.[1]


There is no board size limit with DipTrace. The Freeware edition has all features and libraries of the full package , except with a limitation of 300 pins, 2 signal layers and is for non-profit use only. Power and ground can have their own layers, which are not counted. DipTrace Starter has the same limitations but professional use is allowed, and it costs about the same as any budget software. DipTrace Lite, the pin limit is increased to 500 pins, 2 signal layers and is still low cost. DipTrace Full is unlmited and costs less than the Professional version of Autodesk EAGLE.[2][3]


DipTrace support is easily obtained from the developers. While it's usage is more intuitive than EAGLE, DesignSpark PCB and other EDA packages, it is not as widely used and supported by the community.[3][4]


DipTrace can import EAGLE files and CAD DXF files and some other formats. It exports Gerber and N/C Drill files.[3]


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