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Technical specifications
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{{Infobox synthesizer 
| synth_name         = 
| synth_manufacturer = 
| image              = 
| image_caption      = 
| dates              = 
| price              = 
| polyphony          = 
| timbrality         = 
| oscillator         = 
| lfo                = 
| synthesis_type     = 
| filter             = 
| attenuator         = 
| aftertouch         = 
| velocity           = 
| memory             = 
| fx                 = 
| synth_hardware     =
| keyboard           = 
| left_control       = 
| ext_control        = 


TB-303 front panel
TB-303 front panel
TB-303 front panel
Manufactured byRoland Corporation
Dates1982 – 1984
Technical specifications
LFOSine wave
Synthesis typeSample-based synthesis
FilterDigital low-pass filter
AttenuatorADSR envelope generator
Velocity sensitiveNo
Memory64 patterns
EffectsReverb, chorus
Keyboard13 keys
Left-hand controlPitch bend, mod wheel
External controlMIDI in/out/thru
{{Infobox synthesizer 
| synth_name         = TB-303
| synth_manufacturer = [[Roland Corporation]]
| image              = TB303-midi-frontview.png
| image_caption      = TB-303 front panel
| dates              = 1982 – 1984
| price              = $395
| polyphony          = [[Monophonic (synthesizers)|Monophonic]]
| timbrality         = [[Monotimbral]]
| oscillator         = [[Digitally-controlled oscillator|DCO]]
| lfo                = [[Sine wave]]
| synthesis_type     = [[Sample-based synthesis]]
| filter             = [[Digital filter|Digital]] [[low-pass filter]]
| attenuator         = [[ADSR envelope]] generator
| aftertouch         = No
| velocity           = No
| memory             = 64 patterns
| fx                 = [[Reverb]], [[chorus effect|chorus]]
| keyboard           = 13 keys
| left_control       = [[Pitch bend]], [[modulation|mod wheel]]
| ext_control        = [[MIDI]] in/out/thru


parameter optional? description
synth_name No Name (model) of the synthesizer
synth_manufacturer No Manufacturer of the synthesizer
image Yes Image (photograph) of the synthesizer
image_caption Yes Caption for the image
dates No Date(s) that the synthesizer was manufactured – if applicable, use YYYY – present
price Yes Original selling price of synthesizer
polyphony No Polyphony of the synthesizer – state monophonic, duophonic or a numerical value
timbrality Yes Timbrality of the synthesizer – state monotimbral or multitimbral
oscillator No Oscillator(s) of the synth – state number and type (VCO, DCO or white noise)
lfo Yes As above – if applicable, state waveform (sine, saw, square, triangle etc.)
synthesis_type No Type of synthesis used in sound generation (additive, digital frequency modulation, phase distortion, Phase modulation (FM)), physical modelling, digital dample-based dubtractive, analog subtractive, wavetable etc.)
filter Yes Filters used by the synthesizer (VCF, digital, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch etc.)
Attenuator Yes List any attenuators (such as ADSR envelope)
Aftertouch Yes Is aftertouch supported? (Use yes or no)
Velocity Yes Is note velocity supported? (Use yes or no)
memory Yes What (if any) memory is available (list presets, user patch slots etc.)
fx Yes List any built-in effects that are available (chorus, distortion, EQ, flange, phaser, reverb etc.)
synth_hardware Yes Specifies the synthesizing hardware (Sound chips, etc.) if notable.
keyboard No Is a keyboard integrated? If so, how many keys?
left_control Yes What left hand controls (pitch bend, mod wheel, ribbon controller etc.) are available?
ext_control Yes What external control technologies (such as MIDI and CV) are supported?

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