Yamaha YMF262

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Yamaha YMF262 (year 1994)

The Yamaha YMF262, also known as the OPL3 (OPL is an acronym for FM Operator Type-L), is an FM synthesis sound chip by Yamaha. It is an improved version of the Yamaha YM3812 (OPL2).

The YMF262 was used in many ISA[note 1] sound cards, including the Sound Blaster Pro 2.0, Sound Blaster 16 ASP and AWE family.[1]

The OPL3 generates four channel audio as two 16-bit serial data streams. These data streams are designed as input for the YAC512 DAC.[2]


  1. ^ Industry Standard Architecture, an I/O bus standard for IBM-compatible PC motherboards.


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