Comparison of 3U module brands

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A comparison of 3U modular synth form factors (or formats), from all known modular synthesizer manufacturers. 3U (133.35mm or 5.25" high) is also known as Eurorack and Frac.

Brand name Model Patching Height Smallest width Largest depth Power (DC) Power connections Country Web In production DIY Notes
Alyseum 3.5mm jack 3U 8HP ±12,+5 Belgium web No
Analogue Solutions Concussor 3.5mm jack 3U 4HP (20mm) ±12,+5 UK web
Analogue Systems RS Integrator 3.5mm jack 3U 6HP (30mm) ±12,+5 16 way DIL IC socket UK web
Blacet Research Modular 3.5mm jack 3U 3" ±15 0.156" 4 pin MTA web
BugBrand banana 3U UK web
CGS Euro & Frac USA web Yes Yes
Cwejman Euro Sweden web Yes
Doepfer Musikelektronik A-100 3.5mm jack 3U 4HP (20mm) 105mm ±12,+5 16 way IDC web
Hinton Instruments 2000 series bantam/TT Tini-Jax banana 3U 160mm ±15 or ±12 UK web
Intellijel Designs 3.5mm jack 3U ±12 Canada web
Kilpatrick Audio Eurorack 3.5mm jack 3U ±12 16 way IDC Canada web Yes No
Livewire Frequensteiner 3U 38.1mm (1.50") web
Livewire Dual Cyclotron 3U 57.15mm (2.25") web
Make Noise Euro USA web Yes
Malekko Heavy Industry Euro USA web Yes
Metalbox Frac web
Metasonix All R modules 3U 25.4mm (1") web
Modcan Euro Canada web Yes
Oakley Sound Systems Euro ±12,+5 UK web Yes Yes
PAiA 9700 3.5mm jack Frac 1.5" ±18 0.156" 4 pin MTA USA web [1]
Plan B 28 3U 63.5mm (2.50") web
Plan B 15 3U 44.45mm (1.75") web
Plan B 14 3U 95.25mm (3.75") web
STG Sound Lab Euro 3.5mm jack 3U web Yes No
Synovatron 3.5mm jack 3U ±12 UK web
Synthetic Sound Labs Euro 3.5mm jack 3U ±12,+5 16 way IDC USA web Yes No
Synton 3000 banana 3U 41mm ±15 Netherlands web
Tiptop Audio 3.5mm jack Euro ±15 or ±12 USA web Yes No
The Harvestman Tyme Sefari 3U 50.8mm (2.00") web
The Harvestman Malgorithm 3U 38.1mm (1.50") web

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  1. ^ Interchanging power pins G and sg will guarantee noise

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