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A comparison of modular synth formats (or form factors) except 3U, 4U and 5U, from all known modular synthesizer manufacturers. The form factor is a specification of dimensions, layouts, and other details that helps ensure compatibility between hardware of the same form factor.

Brand name Model Patching Height Smallest width Largest depth Power (DC) Power connections Country Web In production DIY Notes
Abstract Data UK web
Analogic-ACS web
Aries Music Inc. System 300 3.5 mm jack 9" 3" ±15,+5 web
ARP 2500 Tini-Jax 8" 3" ±15,+12 No No 1970s
Circuit Abbey UK web
CMS Modular 3.5 mm jack 10.3" 3" ±15 web
Curetronic web
Cwejman Sweden web
Cyndustries Cynthia, A Series banana 9" 2+1/4" ±15,+5 web
Dave Jones Design USA web
Delptronics web
Dewanatron Electronics web
Digisound 80 3.5 mm jack 9" 3" ±15,+5 UK web No Yes 1980s kit-built
DinSync Sweden web
Elby Panther Series web
E-mu Systems 2000 1/4" jack 6" 3" ±15,+5 at VSE No No
Endangered Audio USA web
Eowave France web
Fénix Fénix Netherlands web
FLAME Germany web
Future Sound Systems UK web
Hinton Instruments 2000 series bantam/TT Tini-Jax banana 6U 160 mm ±15 or ±12 UK web
kb electronic music instrumentation Wavemakers 1/4" jack 10" 2" ±12 web No No 1970 to the early 1980s
Look Mum No Computer Kosmo 1/4" jack 200 mm 25 mm ±12 4 way Molex KK 254 or 16 pin IDC UK web Yes Yes
Low-Gain Electronics USA web
LZX Industries USA web
Macbeth Studio Systems web
Mattson Mini Modular 3.5 mm jack 3.5" 3.5" ±15 or ±12 USA web
MFB web
Modcan A Series banana 9" 2+1/4" ±15,+5 web
PAiA 2700 3.5 mm audio, pin jack CV ±9,+18 web No Yes
PAiA 4700 3.5 mm audio, pin jack CV ±9,+18 web No Yes
PAiA 9700 3.5 mm jack Frac 1+1/2" ±15 USA web Yes Yes
Pittsburgh Modular USA web
Roland 700 1/4" jack 11" 2.56" ±15,+14.4 at VSE No No
Roland 100/100m 3.5 mm jack 230 mm 104 mm ±15,+22 at VSE No No
Signal Arts Canada web
Somatic Circuits web
Sound Transform Systems
Synthetic Music Systems UK web
Synthetic Sound Labs web
Synthtech USA web
Synthwerks USA web
Tangible Waves AE Modular pin header sockets and jumper wires 101 mm 25 mm 25 mm +5 10 pin IDC Germany web Yes Yes
Technosaurus Selector 1/4" jack 9U 1.6" ±18 Switzerland web
The Voice of Saturn web
TouellSkouarn BZH France web
Transform Systems Sound
Trogotronic USA web
VBRAZIL Brazil web
Vermona Germany web
Wiard Synthesizer Company 300 Series bantam/TT 3.5 mm jack 6U 2.83" ±15 web


  • 1U is 1+3/4"
  • 3U (also known as Eurorack) and Frac are 5+1/4" (133.35mm)
  • 4U is 7"
  • 5U is 8+3/4"
  • 6U is 10+1/2"
  • 9U is 15+3/4"

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