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A good clean power supply unit (PSU) is the most important part of a modular system. A proper linear power supply and good distribution makes a big difference to the stability and sound quality of the system.[1] Switch-mode power supplies are smaller, lighter, and much more efficient than linear power supplies but produce more noise, (above audio range) on their output.[2]


Use a RCD. Mains voltages can kill and capacitors in disconnected power supplies can still deliver quite a jolt. Unless you're qualified to work with mains electricity, ready made external transformers are safer.


Brand Model (& web page) Type[note 1] Volts & max. Amps Transformer type Main components Distribution Licence Comments Further info
AI Synthesis Eurorack Power Supply linear +/-12V 12V AC wall wart 7812, 7912 PCB and components kit. build guide, schematic
Befaco Power bus DIY kit linear +/-12V @ 0.7A, 5V @ 0.3A internal switched PS +/-15V DC unit LM317TL, LM337TL, 78M05 Regulators are on a bus with 14 headers CC-BY-SA PCB and components kit. schematic, assy instructions, Eagle files
Clicks & Clocks PSU linear +/-12V @ 1.2A toroidal attached to PCB LM317, LM337 Separate bus with 14 headers With permission of Doepfer Modelled on Doepfer A-100 PSU2 A-100 Technical Details
Dintree D112 Power Supply switching +/-12V @ 0.625A, 5V @ 0.5A external 12V DC switched brick VBED15, 7805 12 headers on PSU PCB for non-commercial use only Uses ready made DC to DC converter schematic
EFM Synthesizers 3501 Power Supply linear +/-12V @ 1.5A external transformer LM317, LM337 can be adapted
Eowave DIY PSU switching +12V @ 1.5V, -12V @ 0.7A,[3] 5V @ 0.5A external 15V 4A DC switched brick 2xLM2576T, 7805 Separate bus with 15 headers proprietary PCB and components kit Mod Wiggler forum
Erica Synths 12V bipolar 1.5A PSU  linear +/-12V @ 1.5A toroidal attached to PCB LM317, LM337 Separate bus with 14 headers proprietary PCB, hardware and components kit Mod Wiggler forum
Frequency Central FC Power DIY linear +/-12V @ 0.5A, 5V @ 0.1A 12V AC wall wart 7812, 7912, 78L05 1 header or solder leads to PCB PCB only. Inexpensive solution for small Euro system. FC Power Build Doc
Frequency Central Routemaster DIY linear +/-12V @ 0.5A, 5V @ 0.1A 12V AC wall wart or 12V centre-tapped transformer LM317, LM337, 78L05 12 Euro, MOTM, or Dotcom headers integrated on PSU PCB PCB only. Inexpensive solution for small Euro system. FC Routemaster Build Doc
L-1 12V bipolar linear PSU+busboards linear +/-12V @ 1.5A toroidal attached to PCB 2xLD1084, 7805 Two 12 header bus PCBs with kit. +5V regulator mounted on bus off 12V rail Full kit for PSU + two busboards Mod Wiggler forum
Electronic Things… And Stuff Mini Dual Power Supply linear +/-12V @ 0.5A 12V AC wall wart 7812, 7912 Separate kits for 8 or 14 header bus
Metatronic Mods Analog Power linear +12V @ 2.5A, -12V @ 1.5A, optional 5V @ 1.0A/0.5A toroidal attached to PCB MIC29300, LM2990T-12, R-78E5.0 separate switching regulator for +5V
MFOS Adjustable LM317/LM337 1.5A Supply linear +/-12V @ 1.5A separate transformer LM317, LM337 free for non-commercial use PCB or PCB and components
MFOS Wall Wart Power Supply linear +12V @ 1A external AC wall wart LM78XX/LM79XX or LM78LXX/LM79LXX free for non-commercial use PCB or PCB and components. Not Eurorack but included for completeness. Low-Cost PSU linear +/-12V @ 1A, 5V @ 0.5A AC wall wart/separate transformer 7812, 7912, 78L05 CC-BY-NC-SA Regulated Bipolar PSU linear +/-12V @ 1.5A, 5V @ 1.5A separate transformer 2xLM317, LM337 CC-BY-NC-SA
Moraydular Virta PSU linear +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 1A switching wall wart LM2991T, LM1086 12 header board with optional 7805, see Mod Wiggler thread under development
stroh modular power supply linear +/-12V , 5V toroidal mounted on PCB LM317T,LM337T,LM1086 Detachable 2"x6" 12 header board with 5x10-pin Euro, 4x16-pin Euro, 8x6-pin Dotcom/MU and 8xMOTM/Frac headers. PCB only or full kit. Mod Wiggler forum


  1. ^ Trying to decide what's linear or switching, the transformers are mostly interchangeable so instead going by the type of regulators.


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