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Cyndustries is a modular synthesizer manufacturer founded by Cynthia Webster. Cyndustries creates modular synthesizer modules in a variety of formats. Perhaps their most well known module is the Cyndustries Zeroscillator.[1]

While in High School Cynthia Webster bought an ARP 2600, and after graduating attended the Boston School of Electronic Music and studied with Jim Michmerhuizen, (author of the ARP 2600 User's Manual). There she discovered ElectroNotes, what an oscilloscope can do, and at that point picked up a soldering iron and dove into schematics and circuit boards.[2]

In 1976 she founded Synapse: The Electronic Music Magazine, and then moved on to San Francisco to continue schooling. There performing live electronic music live as a member of a synth band called Triode.[2]

These days after a twenty-year hiatus concentrating on visuals as a Hollywood Cinematographer has now returned to electronics and is mainly building custom limited edition Modcan compatible modules.[2]


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