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This page is intended to inform briefly about reusing content from other wikis.


The CC-BY-SA badge.

Contributors to the Synth DIY Wiki, and most other wikis, are not asked to surrender their copyright to the material they contribute. Instead, they are required to co-license their contributions under the copyleft license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA). This licenses allow reuse and modification, including commercially, but reserves the right to attribution.[1]

Copying articles from other wikis

Where the licencing permits copying such as on Wikipedia or the Electronic Music Wiki. Insert an attribution template as the last item of text on the destination article, piping the name of the article on the remote wiki and substituting underscore for any spaces in the name. This can be just above the == References == heading or == See also == heading if there is one.

For example in article Patch (from Wikipedia:Synthesizer#Patch) insert {{From Wikipedia|Synthesizer}} or in article Modular synthesizer insert {{From Wikipedia|Modular_synthesizer}}

List of attribution templates

  • {{from Wikipedia|}}
  • {{from Mod Wiggler wiki|}}
  • {{from Electronic Music Wiki|}}
  • {{from Open Circuits wiki|}}

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