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Moog Music (or R.A. Moog as it was formerly known) started manufacturing modular synthesisers in 1964, and continued making them until the late 1970s with only minor changes to their product line. The 5U racking and panel design standard they established has been continued by STG Soundlabs and among others, although most modern 5U manufacturers eschew Moog's +12V/-6V power supply system.

Bob Moog had started reissuing Moog module designs in guitar pedal format as Moogerfoogers in 1998, and the success of these with guitarists and synthesists alike has ensured that the line has expanded-in fact the only Moogerfoogers to have been discontinued since have done so because of lack of vintage parts (MF-104 series) or being superseded by an updated model (MF-105 and MF-105B), not from lack of demand. Since 2002 these have been issued under the Moog brand.

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