R. A. Penfold

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R. A. Penfold

Robert Arthur Penfold aka Bob Penfold is a prolific UK author and designer of electronic projects.


While still a child Robert Penfold started by experimenting with amateur radio, moving on to designing and building his own designs. His first article was published in Practical Wireless in 1971[1] and by the time he was 18 he was having articles published regularly in electronics magazines. Editors have also published his articles under pseudonyms such as A. P. Roberts, The Prof and M. V. Hastings. The author J. W. Penfold is his brother. His first book, Solid State Short Wave Receivers for Beginners was published by Bernard Babani in October 1976. He retired from writing profesionally in September 2017.[2][3]

His other interests include collecting and using cameras - particularly Russian ones, macro photography, astronomy, portraiture and landscape painting in both oils and pastels, rearing butterflies and listening to and playing music.[2]

Selected list of synth DIY works

An attempt at a full list would be lengthy.


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