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The R. A. Penfold synthesizer book published by Babani in 1986.

Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd based in London, UK, evolved from the booklet publishing, begun in 1942 by Bernard B. Babani. Formerly known as Babani Press, the publishing division of Babani Trading and Finance Co.[1] and before then as Bernards (Publishers) Ltd. Since 1975 the firm is run by his son Michael Babani.[2][3]

Over the years Babani Press has published many low cost radio amateur and hobby electronic books, some of which were specifically to do with music electronics.

Bernard Babani

Bernard Baruch Babani (12 May 1913 - 1975[4]) had come to England in the 1930s. His poor eyesight prevented him from serving in the war and so he became an engineering inspector at D. Napier & Son. While there, in 1942, the first of his publications; Amalgated Engineering Reference Tables and Data Charts came about because of the demand by the other engineers for his conversion tables. At the time there were many incompatible systems of measurement in use besides feet and inches, e.g. sheet metal thickness gauges, screw threads, etc.

At the end of WW2 he founded Bernard’s (Publishers) Ltd. Publishing his own and the writings of others in the form of inexpensive and useful radio amateur and electronics booklets. Selling them where hobbyists would buy government surplus equipment and materials for their projects. By August 1958 there were some 150 titles listed.[5][6]

From 1958 to 1962, around when transistors began to become available, Clive Sinclair ran the publishing part of the company. Mr Singh did the drawings and artwork for the books.[5]

Selected titles

A list of those titles relevant to electronic music, audio projects, or imparting general electronics knowledge. A full list of titles can be found at WorldRadioHistory.Com's Bookshelf: Bernards' and Babani Books.

  • BP37, 50 Projects Using Relays SCR's & Triacs, F.G. Rayer, T.Eng. (CEI), Assoc. IERE, Mar. 1977, ISBN 0-85934-040-6
  • BP36, 50 Circuits Using Germanium Silicon and Zener Diodes, R. N. Soar, Mar. 1977, ISBN 0-85934-039-2
  • BP51, 50 (FET) Field Effect Transistor Projects, F G Rayer, 1977, ISBN 0-85934-042-2
  • BP224, 50 CMOS IC Projects, R.A.Penfold, Feb. 1977, ISBN 0-900162-64-3
  • BP24, 52 Projects using IC741, Rudi & Uwe Redmer
  • BP331, A Beginner's Guide to MIDI, R. A. Penfold
  • BP285, A Beginners Guide to Modern Electronic Components, R. A. Penfold
  • BP411, A Practical Introduction to Surface Mount Devices, Bill Mooney
  • BP286, A Reference Guide To Basic Electronic Terms, F.A. Wilson
  • BP287, A Reference Guide To Practical Electronic Terms, F.A. Wilson
  • BP380, Advanced Projects for the Electric Guitar, J. Chatwin
  • BP394, An Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers, R. A. Penfold
  • BP122, Audio Amplifier Construction, R. A. Penfold
  • BP122, Audio Enthusiasts Handbook, B. B. Babani
  • BP90, Audio Projects, Francis George Rayer
  • BP160, Coil Design and Construction Manual, B. B. Babani, 1960, ISBN 0-85934-050-3
  • BP173, Computer Music Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP67, Counter Driver and Numerical Display Projects, F.G. Rayer, T.Eng. (CEI), Assoc. IERE
  • BP245, Digital Audio Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP51, Electronic Music and Creative Tape Recording, M. K. Berry, 1 Jul 1978, ISBN 0900162724
  • BP329, Electronic Music Learning Projects, R. Bebbington
  • BP74, Electronic Music Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP392, Electronic Project Building for Beginners, R.A.Penfold
  • BP81, Electronic Synthesiser Projects, M.K. Berry, 1 Dec 1980, ISBN 0859340562
  • BP185, Electronic Synthesizer Construction, R. A. Penfold, 1986, ISBN 0-85934-159-3
  • BP75, Electronic Test Equipment Construction, F.G.Rayer
  • BP228, Essential Theory for the Electronics Hobbyist, G.T. Rubaroe
  • BP228, Handbook of Practical Electronic Musical Novelties, B. B. Babani
  • BP3, Handbook of Tested Transistor Circuits, H. Ness
  • BP3, Hi-Fi, P.A., Guitar & Discotheque Amplifier Design Handbook , B. B. Babani
  • BP277, High Power Audio Amplifier Construction, R. A. Penfold
  • BP121, How to Design and Make Your Own Printed Circuit Boards, R. A. Penfold
  • BP127, How to Design Electronic Projects, R.A.Penfold
  • BP88, How to use op-amps, E. A. Parr
  • BP267, How to Use Oscilloscopes and Other Test Equipment, R.A.Penfold
  • BP50, IC LM3900 Projects. H. Kybett
  • BP44, Integrated Circuit 555 Projects, E.A. Parr
  • BP44, Loudspeakers For Musicians, Vivian Capel, Mar 1991, ISBN 0-85934-242-5
  • BP182, MIDI Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP174, More Advanced Electronic Music Projects R. A. Penfold
  • BP247, More Advanced MIDI Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP249, More Advanced Test Equipment Construction, R. A. Penfold
  • BP76, Power Supply Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP53, Practical Electronic Calculations and Formulae F. A. Wilson
  • BP299, Practical Electronic Filters by Owen Bishop
  • BP363, Practical Electronic Music Projects, R. A. Penfold
  • BP368, Practical Electronic Musical Effects Units, R.A.Penfold
  • BP393, Practical Oscillator Circuits, A. Flind
  • BP309, Preamplifier and Filter Circuits, R.A.Penfold
  • BP358, Projects for the Electric Guitar, J. Chatwin
  • BP59, Second Book of CMOS IC Projects, R.A.Penfold
  • BP248, Test Equipment construction, R.A.Penfold
  • BP324, The Art of Soldering, R Brewster
  • BP111, Elements of Electronics, Book 6: Audio, F. A. Wilson

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