Rob Hordijk Triple LF-VCO

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The Rob Hordijk Triple LF-VCO contains 3 CV controlable LFO's or as Rob calls them LF-VCO's. One LF-VCO has a triangle and an inverterd triangle output. Rate goes from several minutes to 100 Hz.[1]

Another LF-VCO has a sine output with "fluctuation" modulation. This is a combination of AM and FM witch softsyncs to the harmonics of the modulating signal.[1]

The third LF-VCO has a triangle output and a pulse output. The triangle output can be modulated from ramp to triangle to saw, just like the MS20. This LF-VCO has a switch to change between hardsync or a "stop" function. The stop function stops the LFO on the current output level and from that it goes further on the rhythm of a modulating input signal or the triangle LF-VCO.[1]

The modulation inputs of all VC-LFO's are normalized at the input connectors in such a way that everything can crossmodulate and sync.[1]


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  • Rob Hordijk explains the Triple LF-VCO at the European Electro Music Event 2012, Mallorca, Spain.