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John Stayton Simonton Jr. (24 June 1943 – 25 November 2005) was a designer, author of electronics articles, and founder of PAiA Electronics Inc, a manufacturer of analog synthesizer kits.[1][2]


In 1965 Simonton graduated from Louisiana Tech University with degrees in electrical engineering and psychology. In 1967 he started PAiA Electronics as a mail order electronics kit company. Simonton began publishing Polyphony magazine in 1975, which later became Electronic Musician. Many engineers, technicians and musicians had early inspiration from his works.[1]

List of works (incomplete)

Article name Publication Dates Comments On Web
The Thumpa-Thumpa Box Popular Electronics Feb 1970 World Radio History
Leslie Effect Simulator Popular Electronics Mar 1971 World Radio History
The Drummer Boy Popular Electronics Jul 1971 World Radio History
Build a modular electronic synthesizer Radio Electronics magazine May to Oct 1973 PAiA.comWorld Radio History
How Electronic Music Synthesizers Work Popular Electronics Apr 1978 World Radio History
Musical Instrument Digital Interface Radio Electronics magazine Aug 1989 With Marshal M. Rosenthal
MIDI interface for your PC Radio Electronics magazine Mar 1992
Build this Theremin Radio Electronics magazine Feb, Mar 1996 World Radio History


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