PAiA Electronics Inc

A DIY PAIA 2700 kit synthesizer built in 1972.

PAiA Electronics Inc. develop and sell kits for the musician and electronic experimenter.[1]

PAiA Electronics was founded in 1968 by John Simonton in Oklahoma City, USA, as a company dedicated to providing synthesizer kits to the do-it-yourself electronic musician.[2] In 1975 PAiA's users group magazine became Polyphony magazine, later renamed as Electronic Musician.[1]

PAiA pioneered the Frac rack system[3] and in the West Coast style keep keep CV and audio signal connectors distinct from one another.[4]

P9700S modules

The control voltages is 1V/octave with a 100k ohm input impedance and nominal signal level is approximately +10dB. The modules are designed for an ±18V unregulated power (with on module regulation where necessary) although ±15V regulated supplies can be used.[5]

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