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Two rows of mostly Mutable Instruments modules.

Mutable Instruments (MI) based in France is a manufacturer of Eurorack synthesizer modules, founded in 2009 selling DIY kits and owned by the designer/engineer Émilie Gillet. All MI products are are fully open source hardware under a CC-BY-SA license.[1]

List of products

MI modules do not easily fit the usual synth module categories.[1]

Modulation sources


  • Peaks, envelope/LFO/tap LFO/drum generator


Sequencing and control

  • Ears, contact microphone
  • Frames, mixer/keyframer
  • Grids, topographic drum sequencer
  • Marbles, random sampler
  • Yarns, 4-channel MIDI interface

Sound modifiers


Sound sources


  • Braids, macro-oscillator
  • Edges, quad chiptune audio generator


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