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The Elektor new synthesiser was a monophonic analogue synthesiser design published in the UK edition of Elektor magazine from October 1981 to March 1982, mostly based on the new, at the time, Curtis ICs and intended to be portable for live performance.


It uses the same designs for the keyboard and control and output module as the Elektor Formant. Presets can be stored via 4066 CMOS switches. Two VCOs are CEM3340s, the VCF a CEM3320, the two ADSRs are CEM3310s, the two VCAs are based on the same circuit as used in the Formant, utilising a CA3080 OTA, the LFO (triangle wave only) is a LM324 op-amp integrator and white noise is produced by the base/emitter junction of an NPN transistor.[1]

List of articles

Issue Month Year Article name Author PPNo Key components
078 Oct 1981 Synthesiser IC's H. P. Baumann 10-18
079 Nov 1981 The new synthesiser Not Given 11-14
080 Dec 1981 The new synthesiser - The VCO module Not Given 12-39 2 x CEM3340
081 Jan 1982 Combined VCF/VCA module Not Given 1-22 CEM3320, CA3080
082 Feb 1982 Dual ADSR and LFO/noise modules Not Given 2-24 2 x CEM3310
083 Mar 1982 Adding the finishing touches to the new Elektor synthesiser Not Given 3-18


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  1. ^ Elektor magazine from October 1981 to March 1982.
  2. ^ Compiled by Mike Gorman from the original magazines.

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