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Subject 44b - VC Furby in the LMNC Kosmo format modular synth.

Kosmo, a modular synthesizer format developed by Look Mum No Computer for his live music performances, has gained popularity among DIY modular synth enthusiasts.


The format is electrically compatible with the Eurorack format; however, the panels are 20cm high, widths are in multiples of 2.5cm, and audio and CV are patched with 1/4 inch jacks.[1][2]


Power supply
+ and - 12V
Eurorack compatible 10-pin IDC shrouded header on PCB. Pin 1 with -12V towards the bottom off the module recommended.
Control voltages (CV)
-10V to +10V typical
0V to +10V for envelopes
0V to -10V for inverted envelopes
1V/oct for pitch/frequency control.
Input impedance: 100k typical
Output impedance: 1k typical
Audio signals
-5V to +5V typical
-10V to +10V max
Input impedance: 100k typical
Output impedance: 1k typical
Gate signals
Off: 0V
On: minimum 4V, typical 5V?, maximum ...


Wooden mounting rails
Widths: 12.5mm per rail maximum and about 6mm minimum

Aluminium front panel

1.5mm aluminium[3]
0.063 inch 6061 aluminum has a good balance of cost, strength, and machinability.[4]
Height: 20cm ("metric 5U")
Width: Multiple of 2.5 cm
Allow 10mm top and bottom for the mounting rails.[5]
Mounting holes
Distance from top to center: 3mm
Distance from sides to center: 3mm. This reflects recent LMNC practice. The 1112 Performance Filter used different distances. Sam has said he may use slotted mounting holes in future modules.)
Mounting screws: M3[6]

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