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A Kosmo format LMNC #1222 VCO
Crimps, KF2510 (aka Molex KK 254) 4 pin housing and PCB header

Kosmo components attempts to list the "off-board" components of Kosmo format modules.

Electrically the Kosmo format is Eurorack compatible, however the front panel and controls are closer to those of 5U parts.[1]


Aluminium panel

1.5mm aluminium[2]
0.063 inch 6061 aluminum has a good balance of cost, strength, and machinability.[3]
Height: 20cm ("metric 5U")
Width: Multiple of 2.5 cm
Allow 10mm top and bottom for the mounting rails.[4]
Mounting holes
Distance from top to center: 3mm
Distance from sides to center: 3mm. This reflects recent LMNC practice. The 1112 Performance Filter used different distances. Sam has said he may use slotted mounting holes in future modules.)
Mounting screws: M3
Component holes (diameter / PCB pad)
Jack: 10mm / 14mm
Rotary switch: 10mm / 14mm
Pot: 7mm / 9mm
Toggle switch: 7mm / 9mm
Trimmer pot: 2.5mm
LED: 3mm or 5mm

PCB panel

Maximum recommended height 175mm to clear front panel mounting hardware and rails (12.5mm minimum clearance).
Maximum recommended width 4mm less than front panel.
Module depth: No maximum depth has been specified. Maximum depth of the modules available from the LMNC store is slightly over 25mm. The 8 Step Keyboard Sequencer uses arcade buttons which typically result in a depth of a little more than 50mm.
Mounting hole
3.2mm diameter with 4mm pad and pad connected to ground.[5]

Panel components

Amazon, eBay, Rapid and Mouser might sometimes be cheaper than Tayda, compare the price per quantity.

Quarter inch / 6.35 mm jack sockets
Tayda: Chassis mount, mono
Tayda: Box style, stereo
Rapid: TruConnect 20-1397, stereo
Rapid: REAN RJ5VM, stereo
MIDI chassis socket
Rapid: TruConnect 5 pin DIN
Rapid: REAN NYS325 5 pin DIN
Rapid: Hirschmann 930 071-200 5 pin DIN
Linear potentiometers
Tayda: 6.35mm diameter shaft
Tayda: Taiwan Alpha 9mm, 100KΩ, PCB mount
TME: 6mm diameter shaft, chassis mount
TME: 100kΩ, chassis mount
Linear slider potentiometers
Tada: Taiwan Alpha 60mm, 100KΩ, PCB mount
Tayda: Mini toggle switch, SPDT, on-on
Tayda: Mini toggle switch, DPDT, on-on
Tayda: Dailywell mini toggle switch, SPDT, momentary on-off
Tayda: Mains rocker switch, DPST
Momentary push buttons
Tayda: Panel mount, black knob, SPST, normally open
Tayda: Panel mount, red knob, SPST, normally open
Rapid: Low profile push button, red knob, SPST, normally open
Arcade button
eBay: Illuminated arcade button
Rotary switch, 1 pole, 12 position, break before make/non-shorting
Tayda: Taiwan Alpha SR2611F
Rapid: Taiwan Alpha SR2611F[6]
Tayda: Aluminum knob with scale, 24mm
Tayda: Aluminum knob with scale, 37mm
Tayda: Aluminum knob with delta mark, 24mm
Tayda: Aluminum knob with delta mark, 37mm
Tayda: Boss style black knob, silver top, 27mm
Tayda: Boss style black knob, silver top, 33mm
Tayda: 3mm panel mounting clip
Tayda: red, 3mm
Tayda: green, 3mm
Tayda: yellow, 3mm
Tayda: blue, 3mm
Tayda: 5mm panel mounting clip
Tayda: red super bright, 5mm
Tayda: green, 5mm
Tayda: yellow, 5mm
Tayda: blue, 5mm


Tayda: Round head screw, m3x10mm
Tayda: 3.3mm washer for m3 screw
Tayda: 3mm nut for m3 screw
Tayda: Metal hex standoff male m3x10mm
Tayda: Metal standoff hex female m3x30mm


Tinned copper, stranded, PVC insulated hookup wire

Solid wire retains the shape to which it's bent but can easily break when flexed. Stranded hookup wire is more flexible. The flexibility increases with the number of strands. However, hookup wire doesn't especially require a high strand count. It's typically flexed only during assembly and repair. The most widely available wire is PVC insulated, and a 7/0.2 configuration (seven strands of 0.2mm) is ideal for general audio and low-current interconnections, working well with Molex KK 254 / KF2510 connector housings and crimps. Before soldering, strip, twist, and tin the end with solder, but take care not to nick and weaken the wires when removing the insulation.[7][8][9][10]

Tayda: single colour in 30cm lengths, 11/0.16, 1.4mm diameter
Rapid: single colour reels of 100m and 500m, 7/0.2, 1.2mm diameter
Spiratronics (eBay): 11 colours in 2m lengths, 7/0.2, 1.2mm diameter
sourcing map (Amazon): 10 colours in 2m lengths, 10/0.12, 1.4mm diameter
Molex KK 254 / KF2510 connectors

You will also require a crimp tool.

Tayda: 4 pin PCB header
Tayda: 4 crimp housing
Tayda: Crimp terminal
Ribbon cable
Tayda: 10 conductor, grey, 30cm length
Rapid: 10 conductor, grey, 30m length
Rapid: 10 conductor, rainbow, 30m length
IDC connectors

You will also require an IDC connector crimping tool.

Tayda: 10 pin socket connector, for the cable
Tayda: 10 pin box header, 10 pin, for the PCB
Rapid: 10 pin socket connector, for the cable
Rapid: 10 pin box header, 10 pin, for the PCB[11][12][13]

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